DMR Repeater in Auburn/Opelika

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DMR 70cm Opelika/Auburn area repeater went online this morning! It is fully operational and working well.

It is the KK4ICE 442.175(+) machine (DMR ID 310023) located in the Gold Hill Community, just north of Opelika/Auburn, and southwest of LaFayette. The analog FM Mastr II was pulled out of service and replaced with this full-time, dedicated DMR machine. Clear QSO’s already being conducted from locations such as Tuskegee and Opelika.

The repeater is a Fusion DR-1X convertedĀ to DMR using Zimmerman’s newest modem board – the STM_32 — attached to a Raspberry Pi. The repeater antenna is a 16-element Andrews mounted at the very top of a broadcast tower, so it has a nice coverage area. TS:2 CC:1 is “static” linked to Talkgroup # 310023, which serves as the “East Central Alabama DMR TG.”

There is discussion of making Timeslot 1 a static DMR link to the Columbus area repeater group using TG 311342. Both timeslots will accept dynamic/PTT links; however, it is asked that if you wish to do a dynamic/PTT link to the Columbus group, please program your radio’s codeplug to do so on Timeslot 1, using CC:1 (blue.)






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