Spudniks and Ice Cream

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Tonight  was great fun. Deyl, KD4FD; Tom, KE4TWE; his wife Reta; Darrell, K9MUG; Bob, KA4PKB; and Cheryl, AA4YL met at the HRC to finish up as many Spudniks as we could. We did manage to finish one for Deyl, Darrell, and Tom. We will finish up the rest as soon as we can.

Tom, KE4KWE, Reta, and Bob, KA4PKB

John, KI4KUT dropped by for a few minutes and it was great to see him.

Tom and Reta paid dues and are now official members of HODARS. Great to have them with us.

Tom paid the club a great compliment. He said we know how to have fun. That we do.

After the Spudnik session, we all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream and some great talk.

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