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Greenville Hamfest

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Kim, KG4CQZ giving a syrup & biscuit samplePhoto from the ATNM – I just returned from the hamfest at Greenville, Alabama. Members of HODARS made the journey and had three tables. We promoted the club and sold some syrup. We always have warm home baked biscuits and warm syrup for folks to sample. Greenville […]

My trip into Teletype RTTY

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This blog author has been licensed as an amateur radio operator since 1984. I entered as a Tech Plus, but found 2-meters to be boring. I wanted to get on HF and see what was out there. After my father-in-law bribed me with a Drake TR-4C if I passed my General, what the heck could […]

Has it been this long…?

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Here is Bill Gates Teletype tape which input the BASIC interpreter to the Altair computer. Notice the date is 2 March 1975. Gates and Paul Allen created the interpreter in two months and it fit in less than 4K of memory. Allen took the tape to MITS and discovered they had only one computer with […]