AQP Setup

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AQP setup went very well on Friday. K9MUG, KI4TWB, KA4PKB, K4IQJ, KI4KUT, KI4EEY and AA4YL gathered at the site and worked in the sun and humidity putting up CW and SSB antennae. K9MUG and K4IQJ will use a 20/40 meter delta loop as the main antenna, but also have a vertical for 15 meters and possibly other bands.  SSB is using a G5RV up around 45 feet.  We had to re-shoot one of the trees for the G5RV, but it worked out great. KA4PKB and KI4TWB have really mastered the spud gun and get wonderful results.The antenna analyzer gave all of the antennae a glowing report and we will be ready to go at 11 AM local time. This will be a great tune up for Field Day, we will be in the same location for it.

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