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W4HOD will operate the club station in the CQ RTTY contest this weekend. KA4PKB, KF4OPX and AA4YL will be operating. Our goal is to be on the air most of the weekend and work as many stations as possible. As usual, our operation will be part of the Alabama Contest Group.

UPDATE 2/16/2009

The WPX contest was great fun and our score was pretty good too. Thanks to club member KI4KUT for the loan of the 80 meter dipole, it did a great job. Thanks also to Gene, KI4EEY for dropping by and operating. It was great to have you with us Gene.

QSOs 386
Points 909
Prefixes 203
Total Score 184,527

Operators: KF4OPX, KA4PKB, AA4YL and KI4EEY

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