Loachapoka Think Tank

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Thursday usually means a gathering of the Loachapoka Think Tank (or Loachapoka Rat Pack, whichever you think is more fitting) at a local eating establishment in the Auburn-Opelika area. On Thursday, Feb 5, the lucky establishment was the cafeteria at the East Alabama Medical Center. The food was not bad, but the conversation is what made it great. We solved most of the worlds problems, but no one will listen to our solutions.

Yours truly was the only YL present, so I guess you could say I am the Angie Dickinson of the Loachapoka Rat Pack, but unfortunately, I sure as heck don’t look like her.

Present today were KA4NDY, KA4PKB, W4KDS, KG4NYW, KI4TWB, WB4LNM and yours truly, AA4YL. Look out Lee County restaurants, we could be at your place next week.

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