January Meeting

Excellent turnout for the meeting tonight. Three new members: Ted, W4DUF; Dale, WA4CQG and Terry, KA4Y. Cheryl, AA4YL presented the program on classic videos on amateur radio through the years. Supper before the meeting was at the Mandarin House in Opelika. On a side note, one of our new members gave us the best compliment… Read More »

2013 RTTY RU

The RU went very well. Darrell, K9MUG; Gene, KI4EEY; Bob, KA4PKB and Cheryl, AA4YL participated, using the club call W4HOD. Was great to have Gene at the keyboard. He operated about two hours.   710 QSOS 710 POINTS 56 SECTIONS 38 DX CALLS TOTAL 66,740

TWiT TV HamNation Episode 75

http://twit.tv/show/ham-nation/75 Hosts: Bob Heil (K9EID) and George Thomas (W5JDX). Leo joins us for our 75th anniversary, Bob fires up an original 1956 Harvey-Wells, and more.  

ARRL RTTY Roundup January 5-6

1. Objective: Amateurs worldwide contact and exchange QSO information with other amateurs using digital modes (Baudot RTTY, ASCII, AMTOR, PSK31 and Packet—attended operation only) on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands. Any station may work any other station. Stations may be worked once per band, regardless of mode. 2. Date and Contest Period: First full weekend of… Read More »

Ham Nation 78 | TWiT.TV

Ham Nation 78 | TWiT.TV.   HRO Appreciation Day in Atlanta, christmas poems, and turning a Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter.

Meeting Change

Beginning in 2013, HODARS will begin meeting QUARTERLY, on the second Tuesday at 7 PM. If additional meetings are necessary, we can schedule them as needed. We meet at the Health Resource Center at 2027 Pepperell Parkway, across from the East Alabama Medical Center. We will plan for special programs at each meeting. 2013 meeting dates: January… Read More »

VE Test Session

Heart of Dixie ARS – W4HOD is planning a test session on February 12th, 2013. Location is the Dogwood Room at the Health Resource Center, located at 2027 Pepperell Parkway, across from EAMC in Opelika. Session begins at 6 PM. All three test levels will be offered. Test Fee is $15.00, check or cash. (checks… Read More »

October Meeting – Date Change

The October meeting will be Wednesday, October 10 at the Health Resource Center on Pepperell Parkway across from East Alabama Medical Center. Meeting room is Magnolia, which is straight back when entering. Meeting begins at 7 PM. Darrell, K9MUG is presenting the program. He will be discussing the V Beam antenna. Darrell had one up… Read More »


The 2012 CQ WW RTTY contest has come and gone. Several members of HODARS participated, using the club call-W4HOD. Darrell, K9MUG; John, KI4KUT; Bob, KA4PKB and Cheryl, AA4YL gathered at the club radio room and operated in the Multi Single High Power category.  We used the new (well, new to us) A3S tribander and HF-Auto… Read More »

2012 DRCG Long Distance RTTY Contest

The DRCG Long Distance Contest (RTTY) is June 9-10, 2012. Three different segments over the weekend. Darrell, K9MUG, Bob, KA4PKB and Cheryl, AA4YL will be participating. Looking forward to seeing other club members too. More info here.

Alabama QSO Party 2012

Alabama QSO Party (AQP) was Saturday, June 2. HODARS participated in our new radio room at the QTH of one of our club members. The room is still in process of being completed, but in good enough shape to begin operating. HODARS operated in the Multi-Multi category. Multi operators and multi categories with one transceiver.… Read More »

Tenna Dipper

  February meeting was fun. We enjoyed a Taco/Burrito/Nacho buffet, with coconut layer cake for dessert. After supper, we watched Bob, KA4PKB; Mike, KI4TWB, and Ken, W4KDS start construction on a Tenna Dipper Deluxe, a small antenna analyzer. Bob manned the soldering iron, while Mike and Ken performed inspection duties. http://www.qrpkits.com/deluxetennadipper.html The three of them… Read More »

John Glenn – February 20, 1962

John Glenn: “From our founding days, Americans have been motivated by curiosity about the new and the unknown. That curiosity…coupled with an education system that let all our citizens benefit and contribute, were the twin engines of progress.” Photograph of our +Fragile Oasistaken by +NASA astronaut John Glenn February 20, 1962, as he piloted the Friendship 7 spacecraft… Read More »

February Meeting

February meeting is February 21 at 7 PM at the Health Resource Center, across from East Alabama Medical Center, on Pepperell Parkway. Meeting room is the Dogwood, which is straight back when entering. We will have a Mexican dinner in the meeting room beginning at 6 PM. As usual, price is $5.00 per person. Dinner… Read More »

January Meeting

The January meeting of HODARS was very interesting. Dick, K4IQJ presented a program on controlling his remote receiving antennas via the Ethernet port on his Ten Tec Omni VII. Dick has his Omni VII and a Beverage on Ground (BOG) at the QTH  of KA4PKB east of Auburn. Dick explained the planning, photos of the… Read More »