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Admin sends sincere apologies from for lack of current postings of late. Due to schedule conflicts at the usual club meeting place, future meetings will most likely be held on nights other than our usual 2nd Tuesday. I will keep the club updated on dates, times etc.

HODARS Site Has Moved

The HODARS site has been down for a few days. I moved the hosting account to a new company,. QTH.COM is now hosting our web site. QTH is owned by hams and the customer service is outstanding. In the beginning, I had problems with the domain transfer and Scott at QTH.COM was always there to… Read More »

HamNation TWiT TV

  September 21, 2011 #18: Leo Works A 20-Meter Pile-UpWorld Trade Center antennas, insurance for portable gear, DVOM vs. AVOM, remote calling, and more.  

W0ZOK’s New Tower and Beam

Received an email from W0ZOK, our host for the NAQP. Gene has finished installing the second tower and beam for the contest. The first contact he made was UY2UA in the Ukraine. A photo of the new installation is shown below.  

Heart of Dixie ARS in the Heartland

Work continues on finalizing travel plans to North Dakota. Club members will gather in Fargo on Thursday, July 14. Setup will begin on Friday morning and if necessary, finish up on Saturday morning. Check back here for any further updates. Work has begun on the QSL card for the expedition, but won’t be finalized until… Read More »

North Dakota Update

Making final plans and lists for the RTTY Expedition to North Dakota for the NAQP. We will do our best to make some contacts outside the contest hours, including RTTY and SSB. We are setting up on Friday, so look for us on the bands then. We will be operating during the practice session Friday… Read More »

Countdown Is Underway

The countdown to Heart of Dixie RTTY in North Dakota has begun. Air travel plans made, check. Hotel rooms booked, check. Writelog programmed on laptop and contest set up, check. RigExpert installed on laptop and working, check. W0ZOK has promised us a cookout while we are there. He said he likes brats and beer. Sounds… Read More »

2011 Field Day

One of our club members has offered his home as a Field Day site. He has plenty of land and trees for antennas. We will be operating from two travel trailers. We are operating in 2A category. One station is full time CW. The second station is part time SSB and RTTY.    

Happy Flag Day!

  HAPPY FLAG DAY!   It was on this day in 1777 that the original 13-star version of our flag was adopted.   Long May She Wave!

June Meeting

The June meeting of HODARS is Tuesday, June 14th. Location is the Health Resource Center on Pepperell Parkway, across from the East Alabama Medical Center. The meeting is in the first room on the right. The meeting begins at 7 PM CT. Meeting will cover Field Day preparation at the home of KI4KUT. We will… Read More »

  IN THE PLANNING STAGES! The Great HODARS RTTY Expedition July 16-17, 2011 The North America RTTY QSO Party Horace, North Dakota From the QTH of W0ZOK Look For W4HOD/0 W4HOD/0 Operators: K9MUG, KA4PKB, AA4YL, W0ZOK