Alabama QSO Party 2012

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Alabama QSO Party (AQP) was Saturday, June 2. HODARS participated in our new radio room at the QTH of one of our club members.

The room is still in process of being completed, but in good enough shape to begin operating.

HODARS operated in the Multi-Multi category. Multi operators and multi categories with one transceiver.

Darrell, K9MUG and Dick, K4IQJ took turns operating CW which was the major part of our score. Bob, KA4PKB and Cheryl, AA4YL made a few SSB contacts.

We were visited by club members, Tom, KE4KWE, his wife Reta, Stew, K4JOP and his wife Aina, KD4SCH and John, KI4KUT.

Photos later.


Call: W4HOD

Operator(s): K9MUG K4IQJ KA4PKB AA4YL

Station: W4HOD

Class: M/SMixed HP


Operating Time (hrs): 10


Band CW Qs Ph Qs



80: 3

40: 115

20: 173        7

15: 14



Total: 305 7 CW Mults = 50 Ph Mults = 7 Total Score = 35,169

Club: Alabama Contest Group


First contest in the new club radio room. Thanks to K9MUG and K4IQJ for running the CW station. As usual they did a fantastic job. Only a few SSB contacts. 20 and 40 meters were in great shape.

Thanks for the contacts and thanks to the hard work of the ACG for sponsoring the AQP.

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