Tenna Dipper

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February meeting was fun. We enjoyed a Taco/Burrito/Nacho buffet, with coconut layer cake for dessert.

After supper, we watched Bob, KA4PKB; Mike, KI4TWB, and Ken, W4KDS start construction on a Tenna Dipper Deluxe, a small antenna analyzer. Bob manned the soldering iron, while Mike and Ken performed inspection duties.


The three of them were not able to finish during this meeting, but made it about two thirds through. They will finish up during the March meeting.

Present during the meeting, Stu, K4JOP; Mike, KI4TWB; Bob, KA4PKB; John, KI4KUT; Tom, KE4KWE; Reta; Gene, KI4EEY; Cheryl, AA4YL; and Ken, W4KDS.

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