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2011 Alabama QSO Party

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The Alabama QSO Party is Saturday, June 4th.The contest runs from 11 AM to 11 PM Central time. Modes are SSB and CW. The QSO Party is sponsored by the Alabama Contest Group. W4HOD will be operating from the home of club member Darrell, K9MUG. Darrell will hold down the CW portion of the contest. […]

Pardon the dust…

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I changed the theme of the blog and have some tweaking to do on one of the columns. I will have this done in a day or so, as time permits. Thanks and 73!    

WSPR Program for February Meeting

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WSPR is a piece of software that enables you to participate in a world-wide network of low power propagation beacons. It enables your radio transceiver to transmit beacon signals, and to receive beacon signals from similarly-equipped stations in the same amateur band. Because participating stations usually upload spots that they receive in real time to […]

October VE Test Sessions

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The schedule for October VE testing has been posted on the ARRL VE page. The VE tab is at the top of this page and has all the details of the testing session. The sessions will be held on Saturday, October 2 at 9:30 AM CT and Monday, October 11 at 6:00 PM CT. The […]

September VE Test Session

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The HODARS VE team is having a ARRL VEC testing session on September 13, 2010. The location is the Goodwill Industries Career Center in Midway Plaza Shopping Center on Pepperell Parkway in Opelika, AL. All three license class exams will be offered, depending on prior registration of applicants for General and Extra class tests. View Location Map The session begins at 6:15 PM CT and […]

New Meeting Place

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After visiting several different locations for our monthly meetings, HODARS has decided on a permanent meeting place. We now meet at the Health Resource Center, across from East Alabama Medical Center on Pepperell Parkway in Opelika. The Health Resource Center has been very accommodating to us and the meeting room is very comfortable and has […]

Huntsville Hamfest

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Well, the 2010 Huntsville Hamfest is history and it was fun. The Alabama Contest Group had some good forums as well as the annual ACG meeting. Tim, KY5R has done a great job this year leading the ACG and we appreciate it. The ACG dinner was held at Beauregard’s in Huntsville. Very good turnout and admin […]

August Meeting

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HODARS had a very good meeting and program in August. Dick, K4IQJ demonstrated a two port  Vector Network Analyzer from  Array Solutions (VNA-2180). It can be used as a single-connector device to measure antenna impedances in a manner similar to the MFJ-259 but with a lot more informaion, or as a two-port device to characterize amplifiers, filters where […]

June Meeting

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Great meeting tonight. After supper at Logan’s, we met at the BanccorpSouth buidling on Pepperell Parkway. We discussed the AQP operation and made plans for Field Day later this month. We have been offered a very good deal on a Moseley TA-33 beam, rotor, tower and a 2-meter beam. A local ham has decided to […]

AQP Setup

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AQP setup went very well on Friday. K9MUG, KI4TWB, KA4PKB, K4IQJ, KI4KUT, KI4EEY and AA4YL gathered at the site and worked in the sun and humidity putting up CW and SSB antennae. K9MUG and K4IQJ will use a 20/40 meter delta loop as the main antenna, but also have a vertical for 15 meters and possibly […]

W4HOD Spud Gun Update

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Tweaking continues on the W4HOD version of the W4SSY spud gun. An air leak appeared at the base of the air chamber. After repairing it, the gun is successfully holding a 50 psi load. There appears to be a very minute leak around the pressure gauge, and we will decide if it warrants repairing. Monday […]

Quite a Tower

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While traveling to South Dakota, Iowa and other points in the midwest, Admin has long admired a radio tower on I-65 North near Nashville. It is diamond shape and quite impressive. It has always reminded me of a work of art. A friend said that it probably was the antenna for WSM-650. Well, the friend […]