June Meeting

Great meeting tonight. After supper at Logan’s, we met at the BanccorpSouth buidling on Pepperell Parkway. We discussed the AQP operation and made plans for Field Day later this month. We have been offered a very good deal on a Moseley TA-33 beam, rotor, tower and a 2-meter beam. A local ham has decided to… Read More »

AQP Setup

AQP setup went very well on Friday. K9MUG, KI4TWB, KA4PKB, K4IQJ, KI4KUT, KI4EEY and AA4YL gathered at the site and worked in the sun and humidity putting up CW and SSB antennae. K9MUG and K4IQJ will use a 20/40 meter delta loop as the main antenna, but also have a vertical for 15 meters and possibly… Read More »

W4HOD Spud Gun Update

Tweaking continues on the W4HOD version of the W4SSY spud gun. An air leak appeared at the base of the air chamber. After repairing it, the gun is successfully holding a 50 psi load. There appears to be a very minute leak around the pressure gauge, and we will decide if it warrants repairing. Monday… Read More »

Quite a Tower

While traveling to South Dakota, Iowa and other points in the midwest, Admin has long admired a radio tower on I-65 North near Nashville. It is diamond shape and quite impressive. It has always reminded me of a work of art. A friend said that it probably was the antenna for WSM-650. Well, the friend… Read More »

W4HOD Spud Gun

Monday evening was one of the more interesting evenings this Admin has spent in quite a while. I witnessed the construction of a spud gun, based on the QST article in the March 2009 issue. It was a team effort, mostly led by Bob, KA4PKB. Mike, KI4TWB and Cheryl, AA4YL chipped in parts and the… Read More »

Thursday Happy Hour

Thursday night happy hour was great fun. Darrell-K9MUG, Bob-KA4PKB, Gene-KI4EEY, Mike-KI4TWB and Cheryl-AA4YL gathered at Locos in Auburn for food and drink. Antennae for the Alabama QSO Party and Field Day, the newly crafted Spud Gun, the extensive beer list at Locos, and politics were a few of the topics covered, along with lots of… Read More »

DRCG Long Distance Contest (DLDC)

The DRCG Long Distance Contest (DLDC) is June 12-13, 2010.  The rules are here. The BARTG Sprint 75 will occur on June 12, 2010 during one of the DLDC off-times.  Rules here. This is a pilot contest to see if there is sufficient interest in 75 baud RTTY contesting.

May Meeting

The May meeting of HODARS featured a program on software controlled radios, presented by member, Dick Jaeger, K4IQJ.Thanks Dick for sharing with us. Nathan, KD4OWY, was a guest at the meeting and it was great seeing him at our meetings again. http://gnuradio.org/redmine/wiki/gnuradio

Alabama QSO Party

The first weekend of June means it’s time for the Alabama QSO Party. This year it’s on June 5 and 6 UTC. Heart of Dixie ARS will be operating the AQP from Notasulga in Macon County, Alabama. We have access to a sturdy building with two adjoining lots with lots of trees for antennas. We… Read More »


Several members of HODARS went to the BirmingHAMfest on Saturday. Those seen by AA4YL were KI4KUT, K9MUG, and KA4PKB. Also seen were KE4KWE and wife Reta, KJ4TD and WB4BYQ, from EAARC and KC4HW, WA4WLI, K4ZGB, and others from the Alabama Contest Group. KA4PKB and AA4YL helped man the ACG booth so Tom and Jim could… Read More »


The RTTY NAQP contest is next weekend, February 27-28. Empty your chad box and get ready for this 12 hour contest. Rules are posted here.

Thursday Lunch Think Tank

The HODARS Thursday Lunch Think Tank gathered at Firehouse Subs in Aubun this week. Great fun and laughter was enjoyed by all. Present was Michael Wegner, KI4TWB, Bob Schafer, KA4PKB, Gene Harlin, KI4EEY, Don Huey, KA4NDY, and Cheryl Whitlock, AA4YL. Darrell Penrod, K9MUG and Ken Sullivanne, W4KDS were not able to make it and their… Read More »

HODARS at Montgomery Hamfest

Several HODARS members gathered for lunch with the Alabama Contest Group after the Montgomery Hamfest last November. The barbecue at Country’s was delicious and the air was filled with great DX stories and fellowship. Shown are HODARS members: Front Row: Kim Huey, KG4CQZ, Cheryl Whitlock, AA4YL, and Darrell Penrod, K9MUG Back Row: Don Huey, KA4NDY… Read More »